Why So Many Live On A Financial Tightrope and What To Do About It
“Teetering introduces us to a vast segment of underserved Americans that have been ignored by Silicon Valley innovators for too long. Ken Rees issues a wakeup call for the fintech community and highlights exciting opportunities for innovation and growth that can make a difference in the lives of millions.”

—RON SUBER, fintech innovator and former CEO of Prosper
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About the Author

Ken is a financial technology innovator who is passionate about serving the underserved. Over the past two decades, he has founded and grown multiple companies, launched numerous financial products, and served millions of American “Tightropers.” Ken is founder and CEO of Covered, a disruptive fintech dedicated to providing affordable healthcare financing to people who struggle with less-than-prime credit scores.


“Ken Rees has a unique perspective forged from experience and empathy. As an innovator, he has launched many product and service offerings, and these have provided him with the insights that make Teetering so important.”

—ROBERT L. JOHNSON, Founder and Chairman of The RLJ Companies, and Founder and former Chairman of Black Entertainment Television (BET)

“Ken Rees has spent the past two decades serving millions of customers that most banks and their regulators don’t understand. Teetering offers an important message about how to responsibly and profitably bring these people back into the traditional banking system and improve the financial prospects of struggling Americans.”

—BILL ISAAC, former Chairman of the FDIC